Zen Dog Training

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Weekly clinics are a great opportunity to practice Zen Dog Training methods in a clean, comfortable environment. Small group classes where you can get plenty of supervision as you practice training with real world distractions.

Intensives and clinics are a great way to socialize puppies in a safe, clean environment. Classes meet most Saturday afternoons at Crate Escape  200 Terminal St., in Charlestown Ma*. Please CLICK HERE to learn more.

     Puppy Intensive (1pm)  -- for dogs under 7 months of age -- $40 per session

Covers: New Puppy training and more. 90 minute class includes: Socialization -- Hands-on obedience training -- Off-leash playtime with other dogs -- Take home written solutions for: Playbiting, House Training, Jumping up...(RSVP Please)

*200 Terminal Street is off Chelsea Street – past the Navy Yard -- at the intersection of Medford Street. It’s a 3 minute drive from the Schrafft's Building / USS Constitution.

At the intersection, drive past the Massport truck entrance and directly under the Tobin Bridge to get to "Crate Escape" – Free Parking in the Charlestown Maritime Center.

*Most iPhone's and GPS's cannot find Crate Escape since you must drive under the Tobin bridge to get there - click here for directions and photos!