Zen Dog Training

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What makes Zen Dog Training different from other training?

We challenge owners to think differently about their dog.

Becoming your dog’s leader and consciously training him from the start will teach him confidence and improve the bond you have together.

Zen Dog Training is enlightened. Remove the stress and frustration with having a dog by actively take charge of the training and your dog will learn how to live harmoniously with you and your family.

Zen Dog Training is balanced. We will teach you positive reinforcement, how best to reward and encourage good behaviors, but also, how to interrupt and curb unwanted behaviors. Best of all, our methods work without scaring your dog or resorting to harsh punishment! 

We focus the training on you -- the human. We want you to understand what methods work, what doesn’t (and why) and help you build a relationship with your dog based on mutual understanding, communication, and consequences.