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What’s different about Zen Dog Training’s Group Classes?

Big box stores do not have access to the experience, knowledge and advanced methods that Zen Dog Training takes pride in offering. We offer customized training for each puppy in our classes, if your dog is shy/fearful, if you are experiencing excessive barking, or having difficulty housetraining or with home alone training our trainers will give you special homework and attention to work on your puppy’s unique needs.

Your puppy won’t just learn sit and stay, we dedicate at least 50% of the class time for puppies to play with other puppies (so your dog learns how to be a dog!). 

You learn the most innovative techniques for teaching obedience and tricks, but also how to deal with unwanted behaviors like jumping up, excessive barking and play biting.

Most of our clients see a dramatic change in their dog’s behavior—after the first class! Clients who will read our homework (one of the most advanced puppy curriculum in the nation) and do the take-home exercises will see that within weeks (if not days) their dog is listening and learning!