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Zen Dog Training Blog. Immediately access blog posts written by our trainers with great training advice on solving common problem behaviors such as house training, playbiting, crate training, and more!

Zen Dog Training Online is our video solution center with over 100 training videos, including many of our In-Home Training plans for helping with Separation Anxiety, Housetraining, Play Biting and more. It has everything from how to solve problem behaviors to new puppy training. 

If you have an iPad you can read Gordon Fontaine's book, The Zen Method of Raising a Puppy (soon available in print).

We also have a great list of local resources such as Veterinarians, Dog Walkers, Day Cares, Kennels, and Emergency Vet Services. 

Zen Dog Training committed to helping people learn peaceful dog training methods that get results! Please explore these resources and useful tips for training your dog.

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