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Reactive Dog Training

Trainer: Alana Meserve

Our two hour visit with Alana Meserve showed results immediately and we couldn't be happier!! We brought her the challenge of helping us deal with two 10 year old rescue dogs - a Westie we received two months ago who was showing signs of reactivity with other dogs, and a Black Lab our adult kids adopted several years ago who was not well received by our Westie. Since a grandchild will be in the mix soon, we were desperate to solve how these dogs could get along.

Alana arrived an hour before the Lab and started right in to teach us how to use clear and positive techniques to communicate with our Westie. She demonstrated how to use treats to reinforce the behavior we want and words and body cues to signal what we want to change.  We practiced the Name Game and by the time the Lab arrived, we were able to use these tools to feel confident that we would succeed. In fact, an hour later we were walking off leash in the woods with two dogs happily rollicking in the snow!

Thanks to Alana and the resources she left from Zen Dog Training, we and our dogs enjoyed a positive, practical and professional training session.

—Nancy Klieman and Dannie Westie

Small Dog Training

Trainer: Alana Meserve

We attended the puppy class run by Alana Meserve in Belmont.  It was excellent.  Our class had puppies ranging in size from 50 pounds to my 4-pound chihuahua.  Alana helped all the dogs (and owners) feel at ease, have fun and most importantly, train our dogs.  She is a superb trainer.  Also, all the classes are backed up with well-written support material.  It's a great way to refresh yourself between classes.

—Juile D And Carmen Chihiuahua

Praise from Veterinarians

Trainer: Alana Meserve

She is very knowledgeable about, and entirely dedicated to, both her work and her dogs. I offer my highest recommendation for Alana. You and your furry friend (or friends) will both be glad that you consulted with Her.

—Dr. Dana MacNamee DVM Bay State Animal Clinic

Aggressive Dogs

Trainer: Alana Meserve

I called Zen Dog after an incident where my dog had bit my hand.  Batman has had some issues over the past couple of years, and he has had some instances of biting me - not cool.  This particular time was the almost-last straw, and I was at my wit's end.  I was seriously considering putting him down, as his behavior was dangerous and unpredictable.  After a short consultation with Gordon on the phone, he told me that I could spend some time with Alana Meserve - the Zen Dog aggressive dog specialist.  This was a very good suggestion!

Alana came to our place for a consultation and we continued working with Alana for three more sessions, during which time she helped us to identify significant triggers for our dog's unsociable behavior, and show us ways to handle him when he was growly.

Alana saved Batman's life, and much of our sanity.  We love our pup dearly, and his behavior management plan (and OURS) has been working very well.  I cannot recommend Alana enough - she is genuinely talented and incredibly pleasant.

—Maureen Devlin, "Batman" Mini Pincher