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Dog-to-dog Aggression Case - 3 incidents prior to training

Trainer: Rachel Locke

Rhea has been doing so well with the training. We were able to introduce her to my sisters dog, at her house, without any issue. Rhea wasn't even interested in her, just wanted to sniff the ground. I also took her to the park today and there were numerous dogs outside. Every time she saw a new dog she sat down and waited. Didn't pull to see them. At one point she had 3 little dogs around her and just continued to sit there. I was so proud of her. Thank you for all of your help with her!

~ Autumn & Rhea

Puppy Training

Trainer: Rachel Locke

Thanks Rachel. Thanks again for all the help. He has come a long way in the past two weeks and we have you to thank!

~ Ken & Vilma with Joseph

New Puppy Training

Trainer: Rachel Locke

Thank you so very much for everything! You helped all three of us so much. The confidence that you instilled in us has been so valuable. We wish you many more successful years of doing what you love! We will certainly let you know should anything come up!

Kate & Joe with Lucy

Puppy Training - Private and In Class

Trainer: Rachel Locke

We couldn't do with out you!  All of the tips and guidance you gave us really helped us understand how to instill the most important values in Charlie as a young pup!  I'm so glad we ended up with you!

~ Michal & Brian (Charlie)

Pulling On Leash

Trainer: Rachel Locke

Can I just tell you that I walked Xanadu and Kelda this morning and I was barely holding the leashes. Like barely.  Like it was at my fingertips.  They didn’t even need it. smile
Thank you for helping us with them. 

~ Jackie & Xanadu

Puppy Class Graduate

Trainer: Rachel Locke

Hi Rachel,

Thank you so much for your class we took with Baker.  He is so much calmer thanks to the your relaxation techniques and people often comment on how well behaved he is, which for a barely 4month old puppy, we are extremely proud!

~ Ellie, Tim & Baker

Puppy Training

Trainer: Rachel Locke

Rachel, I have to tell you that with each walk the pulling diminished and now it’s not even happening.  Stress free walking.  It’s like night and day.

He’s barely, and I mean barely, reacting to [his former dog daycare]. He is now way more interested in me and what I might have as reward for being calm.  Again, stress free.

We’ve been doing his Sit and Down Stays and he’s a total rock star.

I am doing the Leash Interrupting when necessary, and it’s working really well when encountering people with dogs.  Sometimes when I put my foot on the leash, and he’s calm, he’s getting a bunch of treats.  I am talking to the other person with my hand down, if he’s calm.  Trying to make it a non-big deal.  Again, it is working!  

Anyway, I am so happy you entered out life. Woody is definitely our little baby, and you’ve helped us tremendously.

~ Jill & Woody

Zen Dog Graduate of Puppy Kindergarten and Advanced Puppy Classes

Trainer: Rachel Locke

Jake is doing GREAT!  His Recall is awesome!  He starting CGC in March!  You played such a big part in getting him this far - we love you!!    

~ Shani & Christine (Jake)

Adult Dog Training - On Leash Reactivity (dog to dog)

Trainer: Rachel Locke

Thanks again for another great training session yesterday, Rachel!
Mr. B has been doing fantastic - just take a look at this photo from this morning where he's just happy as can be with another dog *right* there! We stayed in that locale to enjoy our coffee for 30 minutes with people and dogs passing and he was relaxed. That leash and you are magic!

~ Nicole & Barney

New Puppy Training

Trainer: Rachel Locke

Thank you so much Rachel. We really appreciated your guidance and experience!! You’re phenomenal!

~ Meri, Jon & Xena

New Puppy Training

Trainer: Rachel Locke

"It was a pleasure to work with you Rachel!  It is such a relief when someone who knows what they are doing comes in and saves the day!"

~ Leland, Liz & Pivo

Adopted Adult Dog Training

Trainer: Rachel Locke

"Mihir and I felt compelled to write to say a big thank you again on behalf of us and Barney because you did such a great job training all of us! wink

Barney is doing so well - he's becoming a star loose leash walker, his barking around others has quieted down *considerably* outside and has improved inside when there's enough space.  His barking when introducing a new person into our home ends after approximately 2-3 minutes of treat training, and he keeps his cool around other dogs at 20 feet and sometimes even closer (depending on the dog and the day). Just having the tools to know what to do has helped all of us immensely - thank you again!"

~ Nicole, Mihir & Barney

New Adopted Dog Training

Trainer: Rachel Locke

"Thank YOU so much. We really felt so energized and hopeful after the visit with you, and we know that Cadi will just continue to be a rockstar. We went on a short walk today around the neighborhood, and she was so responsive to the directional changes...and even walked by a bird without twitching an eye!

You have helped us so much, and we are forever grateful."

~ Maureen, Tyler and Acadia

New Puppy Training

Trainer: Rachel Locke

"Rachel, You are truly a wonderful teacher. For what it's worth, I've spent most of professional career teaching at the college level and I've encountered very few individuals who can communicate information as well as you. I'm a firm believer that in order to be a great teacher you really need to LOVE what you do. Working with you has only reaffirmed this belief.  It has truly been a pleasure."

~ Rob and Larkin

New Puppy Training

Trainer: Rachel Locke

"Thank you SO much for our training together!!  I had so much fun and it is just such a relief to have some reassurance and guidance!  This information is great I am going to get these checklists started asap!"

"Gosh this weekend was a whirlwind!  Thank you SO SO much for your help!  You gave me immediate relief and Maggie and I had a great weekend!!!  First full work week this week -- we geared up in preparation as you instructed and we made it happen!  She is doing great! Also, your techniques already have her walking on the leash so well!!  THANK YOU!  Can't wait to spend time with you again soon!"

Again thank you for being so incredibly amazing!"

~ Carolynn & Maggie


Puppy Class Participant Feedback

Trainer: Rachel Locke

"Thank you again for your fabulous instruction!"

"We miss our sweet little class! smile"

"Thank you for everything...It was a wonderful experience working with you and I do hope we can stay in touch....XO, A, A, H & M."

"You were an amazing teacher! We will miss you and we will keep in touch!"

"We are doing quite well, no accidents in the house!  He is growing up so fast. He runs up the front stairs and we are still working on the rest.  He went into his crate last night with out treats being given to him first... (Of course I ended up giving him a couple).  He is learning everyday and is so smart!  I loved every single minute of our class together!"

PHOTOS BY: Matt Gotowala

Puppy Class Feedback

Trainer: Rachel Locke

Rachel is an incredibly gifted teacher who has a unique ability to communicate fairly difficult training concepts in a way that it accessible to everyone, including first time dog owners. Her classes are well structured, welcoming, and fun. Rachel brings joy to the process of dog training.  Her love of dogs is infectious and she makes a point of connecting with each and every dog—each and every owner—in her class. Instead of imposing a “one size fits all” approach, she contours her training strategy to the specific needs of your dog. She is incredibly responsive and, in fact, seeks out opportunities to chat with everyone individually to discuss training progress.

Rachel’s method works and she revolutionized our dog training. From leash walking to basic obedience skills, our dog has thrived under her system. We are incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. She is truly a special trainer and we strongly recommend her to anyone hoping to cultivate a loving and lasting relationship with their dog.

~ Rob and Jenny (and Larkin)