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Socializing an Adult Dog

Trainer: Elissa Carreras

I asked Elissa to help me train my 2 year old American terrier, focusing on the recall command and on channeling her energy appropriately during play time with other dogs. Patience and enthusiasm come to mind when I see Elissa working with dogs. My dog is becoming able to play more calmly and to obey my commands while in action. I highly recommend Elissa as a dog trainer. She is a wonderful person to work with and she helped me build a more trustful relationship with my dog.

- Elysabeth and Molly Arlington, Ma

Adult Dog Training

Trainer: Nayiri Krikorian

I have been working with Nayiri since we adopted our mix-breed dog as a young puppy a little over a year ago. As I have no experience with dog-training, I have greatly appreciated Nayiri's supportive, patient, and clear advice. Nayiri was able to help us with teaching basic commands, as well as to address issues particular to our dog and family. She also helped us to recognize "bad habits" which were developing, which we had overlooked. Nayiri consistently promoted positive reinforcement, rather than a more punitive training style. Yet, she also helped us to integrate firm, and clear directions when our dog was "testing" us. Nayiri has even worked patiently with my two children, and taught them fun games to play with our dog. She has been extremely flexible about scheduling, has answered questions via email, and provided us with written information.

—Kim + Koda the hound mix