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Reactive Dog Training

Trainer: Alana Meserve

Our two hour visit with Alana Meserve showed results immediately and we couldn't be happier!! We brought her the challenge of helping us deal with two 10 year old rescue dogs - a Westie we received two months ago who was showing signs of reactivity with other dogs, and a Black Lab our adult kids adopted several years ago who was not well received by our Westie. Since a grandchild will be in the mix soon, we were desperate to solve how these dogs could get along.

Alana arrived an hour before the Lab and started right in to teach us how to use clear and positive techniques to communicate with our Westie. She demonstrated how to use treats to reinforce the behavior we want and words and body cues to signal what we want to change.  We practiced the Name Game and by the time the Lab arrived, we were able to use these tools to feel confident that we would succeed. In fact, an hour later we were walking off leash in the woods with two dogs happily rollicking in the snow!

Thanks to Alana and the resources she left from Zen Dog Training, we and our dogs enjoyed a positive, practical and professional training session.

—Nancy Klieman and Dannie Westie

Reactive Dog Training

Trainer: Gordon Fontaine

I've taken Moxie out on several walks since you left and instead of dreading the sight of another dog, I've been excited to see one approaching. I do yoga breath and jolly talk and turn her back to look at me and, lo and behold, she barked once or twice and then just kept walking.

With my increased confidence, I went to the Danehy Dog Park this morning where there were 10-15 dogs of all sizes. Moxie didn't bark at all, even while she was still on the leash waiting to get in the park. She didn't really want to play with the other dogs, but when they approached her she wasn't intimidated and was even a little interested in sniffing and going around in circles. No aggression at all! 

It's really clear that I'm the one who needed the training!  Moxie seems to just be waiting for the guidance. I really appreciate how you present things in a way that makes sense and is easy to grasp. And the handouts are great. I know this is a process, but seeing some concrete changes so quickly is such a confidence boost that we can actually do this!

— Tina from Cambridge
Moxie, two-year-old wheaton-doodle

Reactive Dog Training

Trainer: Gordon Fontaine

After being referred to Gordon at Zen Dog Training numerous times by our vet, I finally called because my two-year-old terrier/border collie mix Jake wouldn't allow visitors in the house, I couldn't control him on a leash and he snapped at a friend's three-year-old in our yard.  I had little to no hope that Jake could be controlled.

After listening to Gordon it all made sense and I began to understand why Jake acted the way he did and actually responded to the messages that I was sending him.  I trained with him each evening after dinner in our yard.  Two weeks later, I was walking our two dogs and for the first time EVER, people smiled and were able to walk by us without Jake lunging at them.  A woman stopped and told me that I had a beautiful dog and asked me what kind he was, I replied with details about Boston, she said, "No, the other dog."  I realized that she was talking about Jake!  For the first time ever, people were seeing that Jake was a good dog, a beautiful dog that I always knew but no one could ever see through his rough exterior.  Through my tears, I told her about Jake and was so proud and so happy at that moment.

Gordon gave me the training and the techniques to give Jake the life that he deserves.  We are so happy and thankful to Gordon for what he has done for our family.

— Melissa from Belmont
Jake, two-year-old terrier/border collie mix
Boston, four-year-old pug/golden retriever mix