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Puppy Play Biting

Trainer: Elissa Carreras

My session with Elissa last month was INCREDIBLE and solved so many of our problems with Riggins immediately. No more barking in his crate (or barking for attention) and no more play biting. Not to mention that all the games/exercises that she taught us (and left us with the handouts for) have been extremely helpful and he now is great on the leash, comes when called and DEFINITELY knows his name. I took him home for Thanksgiving and my whole family couldn't believe how well-trained he was for a 15 week old puppy. I'm so looking forward to our future sessions as he's becoming such a great dog thanks to Elissa's help.

- Hannah and Riggins, Cambridge, Ma

Socializing an Adult Dog

Trainer: Elissa Carreras

I asked Elissa to help me train my 2 year old American terrier, focusing on the recall command and on channeling her energy appropriately during play time with other dogs. Patience and enthusiasm come to mind when I see Elissa working with dogs. My dog is becoming able to play more calmly and to obey my commands while in action. I highly recommend Elissa as a dog trainer. She is a wonderful person to work with and she helped me build a more trustful relationship with my dog.

- Elysabeth and Molly Arlington, Ma

Solving Behavior Problems

Trainer: Gordon Fontaine

I know you said that there isn't a silver bullet for this type of behavioral problem, but four days after your visit, Ernie actually listens to us when we tell him to stop! 

Thank you for taking the time to understand his unique personality. It's so frustrating when you feel outsmarted by your dog, but with your help, we've finally won! I can't thank you enough.

—Beth Monaghan, Brookline, MA 
Ernie, 3-year old French Bulldog