Alana Meserve

Alana Meserve is a Certified Dog Trainer with a CPDT-KA and was a professional dog groomer for over 11 year in Quincy, Brookline, and Cambridge, as well as in Bend, Oregon.

Her travels across the country took her to The Animal Wildlife Science Center in Forest Lake, Minnesota, where she had the distinct privilege of interacting with selectively breed silver foxes, famously used for research on domestication.

Alana’s passion is working with fearful and reactive dogs. She is dedicated to improving the quality of the dog/human experience through education and communication. Helping people meet their training goals through positive reinforcement techniques and customizing training for owners and their dogs.

Alana brings years of practical dog handling experience, combined with a unique understanding of the science behind how dogs learn. In 2011, she became a Zen Dog Trainer and has dedicated her life to helping people work with their dogs to improve the relationships they have with these remarkable animals.