Jaclyn Salamone

Jaclyn grew up surrounded by many dogs, cats, and other animals. From a young age, Jaclyn enjoyed caring for all animals. She loved taking her family dog for walks and helped around the neighborhood with walking and pet sitting.

During her adult years, she saw a good friend become so frustrated with her untrained dog “acting out” and causing problems that even though she loved the dog very much, she decided to give him up for adoption. This fueled Jaclyn to become passionate about helping people be happy with their dogs by understanding them, and training them to make life more enjoyable for them both.

Jaclyn is a graduate of the CATCH Canine Academy and studied Dog Training and Behavior. During her year-long course, she found dog training so fun and interesting that she decided to make it her career goal to become a trainer and started shadowing a trainer at the MSPCA for several months.

Jaclyn’s professional calling is childcare, specifically helping teachers improve student engagement and outcomes by putting learners at the center, recognizing individual differences, accounting for the emotional and social sides to learning, and finding new ways to help students grow. As a trainer, she finds joy in applying her teaching skills to her dog training clients, classes, and sessions.

Jaclyn has been working with Zen Dog Training since October 2022 and has found an organization to focus her passion. She loves teaching people positive training methods that get results, and seeing the improvement when families learn to communicate better with their pups.

Animals are her true joy and Jaclyn is looking forward to helping you develop a loving and a deeper relationship with your dog.