Nayiri Krikorian

Nayiri Krikorian loves working with dog owners who not only want to have a great relationship with their pets, but also want to be able to live their lives freely — without worrying about their dogs’ well-being. With her skilled leadership, clients learn to become partners in their dogs’ training while building confidence, reducing stress, and having fun…in less time.

Nayiri is fiercely dedicated to helping dog owners accelerate and deepen their bond with their pets, and her clients have commended the unparalleled support she provides on their way to transforming their relationships with their dogs. A life-long animal lover, Nayiri feels strongly that every dog owner can easily learn to feel self-assured, calm, and free to enjoy their lives without the anxiety that often comes to raising happy, well-adjusted pets.

A graduate of Emerson College and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), Nayiri is a believer in continuing education. She regularly attends seminars, conferences, and workshops so she can act as a “concierge” to her clients; she is always aware of and up-to-date on new trends in the industry. Nayiri is a dog owner herself, and counts among her friends former clients who have learned that they have the ability to be happy in all of their relationships — not just with their dogs!

Nayiri lives and trains in the Boston Metro area, as well as on the North Shore. Contact her today for a complimentary, no obligation initial consultation to determine if she’s the right person to help you strengthen the relationship with your dog and have a happier, healthier dog for life.