“For Over a Decade I’ve Been Helping Transform Disobedient Puppies Into Well-Behaved Dogs…” Quickly Learn How To Do The Same With 
Your Puppy and See Results In Just Days!
“For Over A Decade I’ve Been Helping Transform Disobedient Puppies Into Well-Behaved Dogs…” Quickly Learn How To Do The Same With Your Puppy And See Results In Just Days!
Our 6 Week Online Puppy Kindergarten is a simple and effective training program based on Positive Reinforcement and PROVEN to work with every type of dog!
Our 6 Week Online Puppy Kindergarten is a simple and effective training program based on Positive Reinforcement and PROVEN to work with every type of dog!
Ultimately, your dog is a reflection of you. Veterinarians and Dog Trainers around the world agree – how you act and react to your dog determines if they will obey you. 

That’s why Zen Dog Training is focused on training you as well as your dog!
See how Zen Dog Training has already transformed the lives of hundreds of dogs (and their owners!)
"Our 5-month pup no longer nips"
Not only did Zen Dog teach us how to correct unwanted behavior with positive reinforcement, but also helped us learn to interrupt him and stay focused on listening to us!

We are so happy that Zen Dog has helped us train our pup into a dog that fits with our lifestyle.
Caitlin, David + Wally the wheaten terrier
" Stress free walking"
With each walk the pulling diminished, and now it’s not even happening... It’s like night and day!

We’ve been doing his Sit and Down Stays and he’s a total rock star. I  am so happy you entered our life. Woody is definitely our little baby, and you’ve helped us tremendously.
Jill & Woody
Our Online Puppy Kindergarten uses Positive Reinforcement methods approved by veterinarians and animal trainers around the world!
Here's How I Can Help

Gordon Fontaine, CTC

Having a new puppy is a journey filled with love.

You want all your experiences with your dog to be fun, positive and confidence-building – and that includes their training. 

There’s no reason training your new puppy can’t be fun – for you and for them!

“I’m Gordon Fontaine, and I’ve spent the past 11 years helping dog owners transform their unruly puppies into beloved family pets.”

Since founding Zen Dog Training in 2005, I’ve helped thousands of owners enjoy better relationships with dogs of all types…

And I’ve done it by using positive training methods that never rely on pain, fear or punishment!
If you are a new puppy owner then you are probably struggling with…
  • How to get your puppy to stop play biting your hands, feet, shoe laces, pants, and clothing.
  • How to stop your puppy from Barking…Whining…Crying for attention!
  • How to house training your dog and stop “pee and poop” mistakes in your home…
  • How to stop demanding behaviors like, Jumping up on visitors…pawing or grabbing hands or clothing.
  • How to stop your puppy from pulling on the leash.
  • How to stop your puppy from eating things off the ground on walks.
  • How to teach your dog to be comfortable left alone, (Separation anxiety Prevention)
  • Knowing when and how to use a crate
Because this is a digital course, you can follow along whenever you need help… It includes videos, step-by-step instructions, detailed lesson plans and training handouts – just like we teach our in-person ‘doggie parents’ here at the Zen Dog studio. 

And unlike our in-person training, which requires advance booking and sometimes even joining a waitlist: 

With our digital course, you can get started right away – and start seeing results in as little as two days. 

And in just 6 weeks’ time you’ll have transformed your troublesome puppy into a well-behaved, fully house-trained dog… 

One who doesn’t bark at visitors, plays happily with the whole family and comes when called. 

Plus they’ll be crate trained and won’t experience separation anxiety when you leave the house so you’ll know they’re safe and happy. 

It may sound like a world away from the disobedient pup who’s running rings around you at the moment…
Here’s what’s inside the course
Includes: 6 Lesson Plans and our Play Biting Solutions!
Start training tonight! Get instant access to our 6 week Puppy Kindergarten, Puppy Training Video’s, Weekly email follow ups, and special bonuses like the industries BEST Solution to Solving Puppy Play Biting!
Beyond Positive Reinforcement
We focus on positive reinforcement training, but you can’t solve all your puppies problem behavior with treats!

Zen Dog Training is balanced training. Your puppy will learn positive AND negative outcomes. This speeds up the training process but more importantly, increases the mutual understanding you have with your dog. 
Zen Dog Training is based on compassion, discipline, and most of all love. The more you understand your dog and communicate with them in a way they can relates to -- the deeper the bond becomes.  
Your dog wants to be good, and wants to please you – it’s just a question of knowing how to help them. But if your puppy is displaying challenging behavior right now, as their owner it’s your responsibility to take action.

Something has to change, and it won’t change by accident or by guesswork. I want to help you and your puppy enjoy your life together, so I’ve put together this simple, clear training you can start using right away.

Follow the Zen Dog Puppy Training methods and see how easy and fun it is to teach your puppy to be a Zen Dog!
"Amazingly Effective"
When we first started training Maggie it was impossible to get her to walk on a leash without pulling continuously. After just one week of practicing Zen Dog’s method of loose leash walking we were able to walk for blocks and blocks without a single pull! The methods are easy to implement and amazingly effective... Thanks so much!!
Sonja & Maggie
"We couldn't do it with out you!"
All of the tips and guidance you gave us really helped us understand how to instill the most important values in Charlie as a young pup! I'm so glad we ended up with you!
Shani, Christine, & Jake
Why I’m guaranteeing results
I’m confident that within minutes of accessing this online course you’ll be reassured that your puppy challenges can be overcome… Within days you’ll start noticing positive changes in their behavior (for instance, house-training is covered in week 1)…

And within just 6 weeks you’ll finally have the dog you’ve always wanted – no more worrying a about ‘indoor accidents’, nipping, biting or jumping up on visitors. 

I’m so certain of my methods that I’m offering my ‘Perfect Puppy Guarantee’.
Perfect Puppy Guarantee Or Your Course Is Free
I want you to enjoy your bond with your puppy as they grow into a dog you can love and be proud of.

So here’s my promise to you: Download your Zen Dog Puppy Kindergarten course from this page today, go through the materials and start following my recommendations. 

 If for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with the course – if you aren’t seeing the results you want, or you just decide the training isn’t for you… just email me within 30 days and I’ll process a full refund right away. 

 You can even keep the training.  
With Zen Dog Puppy Training you’ll get all this:
  • How to simply and effectively train your puppy to learn new behaviors.
  • How to interrupt and end unwanted behaviors.
  • How to get tough and say "No!" in the language your dog understands.
  • Solutions for play-biting, house training, and crate training.
  • How to teach commands like sit, down, and come when called.
  • Exactly what to do when your dog misbehaves, including what methods to avoid.
  • All delivered in easy-access videos inside your own private members’ area, with lesson plans, training handouts and games your family can enjoy.
Get Instant Access To Zen Dog Puppy Training And See Results In Days

I understand that I will immediately have access to the entire Zen Dog Puppy Training and Bonuses…

I understand that this training is backed by the ‘Perfect Puppy Guarantee’ and that I can claim a full refund inside the next 30 days…

I’m ready to access all the training my puppy needs to transform their behavior and become the dog I’ve always wanted!
Secure One Time Payment
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"Jake is doing GREAT!"
His Recall is awesome! He starting CGC in March! You played such a big part in getting him this far - we love you!!    
Shani, Christine, & Jake
"Thank you so much for your class..."
He is so much calmer thanks to the your relaxation techniques and people often comment on how well behaved he is, which for a barely 4 month old puppy, we are extremely proud!
Ellie, Tim, & Baker
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