Meet Capall!

Capall is a 2 year old Bouvier DeFlanders! He’s a bundle of love, with a big heart, big paws, and big teeth! He has a habit of getting “mouthy” when playing with his family. Our job was to teach him that polite dog’s don’t put their teeth on humans!

When is ‘Too Much’?

With dogs over 5 months, we recommend you do not allow any teeth on humans. Some people like to rough house with their dog, however, a child playing with a mouthy dog might jerk their hand away, causing a scratch which may be mistaken for a vicious bite! Also, a dog who learns to communicate with his teeth could take it too far and hurt someone!

Dogs are very aware of what their teeth are touching — they can feel even the slightest graze of a single tooth touching human skin. We use this to our advantage and teach that no teeth to human contact will be tolerated by playing a game called Drama Diva Queen!

Drama Diva Queen!

Drama Diva Queen is a shun game. To play — start a regular play session with your dog.
If he nips or bites you (any bit of a tooth touches your skin) — say “Ouch!” and dramatically turn your back!

Shun your dog — withhold all attention — break any eye contact (don’t even look at him) young children can cross their arms and turn their body away. Do not touch or scold your dog, just wait silently.

After 5-10 seconds return to playing with him as before. Repeat as necessary.

If you play this game correctly most dogs will ‘get it’ in as soon as 2-3 training sessions!

Tips for Drama Diva Queen:

  • A drag line or tether are effective management tools to use during this game. They prevent your dog from trying to follow you or jump up while you are shunning him.
  • Try this game 3-5 times in a row. If your dog isn’t getting the message, you may need to try a more advanced game like Out of the Pack, which you can find on Zen Dog Training Online.
  • Allow minor playbiting with puppies under 5 months, play biting is an important learning stage.
  • Use volume control — for minor playbites a low level “Ouch” may be in order, but harder bites should result in a more dramatic “OUCH!” and you might result in you leaving the room for 30 seconds!

For more tips on how and when to use Drama Diva Queen and Out of the Pack, please visit Zen Dog Training Online.