Free Training Articles

Immediately access articles written by our trainers with FREE training advice on solving problem behaviors such as: House Training, Play Biting, Barking, Leash Pulling, Crate Training, and more!

Video Solution Center (Online Training)

Our video solution center ($57) has over 100 training videos and includes ALL our In-Home Training plans, eBooks, and Zen Dog Training Comics. This online training options includes everything from how to solve problem behaviors with an adult dog to new puppy trainingSolutions for Stopping Unwanted Behaviors, Pulling on the Leash, Separation Anxiety, Crate Training, Housetraining, Play Biting and more!

eBooks & Training Comics

Discover eBooks for sale or visit our shop to purchase Zen Dog Training Comics.

Local Resources (Greater Boston Area)

We also have a great list of local resources such as Veterinarians, Dog Walkers, Day Cares, Kennels, and Emergency Vet Services.

Zen Dog Training committed to helping people train their dogs with compassion and mutual understanding. We hope these resources help you turn your dog into a Zen Dog!

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