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Puppy Boot Camp — Immediately access our 6 Week Online Puppy Course, Zen Dog Training Comics, Play Biting Guide, ALL our Puppy Training Solutions for common problem behaviors: House Training, Separation Anxiety, Leash Walking, Teaching Commands, Coming When Called, Crate Training, and more! ($27)

Zen Dog Training Blog is full of FREE training tips and advice from our trainers!

Zen Dog Training Online is our video solution center with over 100 training videos, and ALL our Training Guides, eBook, Comics, and Training Plans used during In-Home Training.

Everything in the shop is included in the Video Solution Center, including how to solve problem behaviors to teaching commands the Zen Dog way.  ($97) *Included free of charge with an In-Home Visit

Check out the Zen Dog Training Shop, where you can buy our comics, or ebooks, The Zen Method of Raising a Puppy, as well as, How to Treat and Prevent Separation Anxiety, and How to Crate Train Your Dog in Two Days.

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