Meet Simba!

Simba is a playful, 6-month old, Labrador mix puppy. Simba’s guardians knew it was important to start training early so they contacted Zen Dog Training within 2 weeks of adoption. Early intervention is everything! One of their goals was to learn how to successfully introduce Simba to Mila, their equally adorable, 18-month-old kitty.

Simba and Mila’s guardians are smart, sensitive people who know that a successful introduction between their animals is critical to maintaining a peaceful home.

The Cats Only Zone

Introducing a new dog into a cat-friendly home can be especially stressful, so taking time to make the right environment is essential.  You must create a “Dog Free” space where your cat can feel safe from a sometimes overly-zealous, playful puppy!

A successful cat and dog introduction requires that each pet can feel safe and secure.  Your cat should get food, water and have their litter box in the safe zone. This way, they can feel free to eat, sleep, and live in a comfortable setting.

Vertical perches are important too; access to a high counter top or cat perch where Mila can nap or watch Simba from a safe distance.  During introductions, we recommend Simba be on his indoor leash and be offered treats for giving his attention to his owners or just praising him when he relaxes, sits quietly and leaves the cat alone.

To learn more about introducing your new dog to the family kitty and other dog training topics, view our extensive video tutorials at Zen Dog Training Online.

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