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To successfully bring a new dog into your home, you must first master these 7 Essential Puppy Lessons!

The 7 Essential Puppy Lessons are discussed in the Podcast Archives. You can give it a listen here on YouTube.

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House Training

Teaching your dog where and when to eliminate is essential! Always use HIGH VALUE TREATS and give your dog a JACKPOT (3 treats in a row) when they go outside. 100% supervision is the key to prevent accidents and ensure you learn your dog’s routine. 

See our Free House Training eBook for all our house training secrets!

Crate Training & Independence Training (Home Alone)

Your puppy should learn to relax and be comfortable when left alone, in their crate, or in your home. It’s also important for your dog to learn to self soothe and be independent. 

Dogs who are independent and crate trained tend to not have separation anxiety later in life.   They also grow up to be less demanding and better able to cope with being left alone. 

Our Separation Anxiety eBook and Crate Training Guide are available for help.

Solving Play Biting

There are several methods to Solve Play Biting. The goal is to know all of them and which one(s) work best with the behavior you’re experiencing.

  1.     Managing: Using the right environment, tools, and equipment to prevent biting.
  2.     Refocusing: Giving your dog legal alternatives and redirecting them.
  3.     Teaching Moments: Setting-up situations where you can interrupt, ignore, or gently teach your dog lessons that biting and nipping needs to stop!

PRO TIP: To solve play biting, creating teaching moments is the Secret to success!

Intentionally setting-up your pup to nip and bite in situations where you can control the outcome is the key to success. The right tools and equipment, such as a well-fitting collar, indoor leash, tether, confinement area and crate will ensure you can gently teach lessons. Access ALL our Play Biting Solutions in the Puppy Boot Camp ($27)

Remember: Scolding or yelling at your puppy might make it worse! Check out the How to Have a Zen Dog Podcast for more tips and tricks! Solving Play Biting Episode 

Socialization to People, Places, and Things

Your dog should feel safe with the world around them and enjoy the things that you like to do. Therefore, it is important to socialize your puppy to people, places, things, and eventually other dogs. 

The primary socialization window closes at 14 weeks, so make sure you proactively take your puppy outside as often as possible and have them meet everyone you can think of (kids, friends, extended family…). Socialization should be fun and easy. Go on lots of walks, hiking, hang out at your favorite outdoor restaurant or brewery, and look for dog friendly events/places to socialize your puppy. 

Ensure your dog becomes social by using high value treats when introducing them to new people, places, and things. Socialization Tips for New Puppy Owners

Socialization to Touch

Your dog should be comfortable and accepting of being touched and handled. Practice:

  • Pretend Vet Checks: to get them comfortable with vet, vaccines, etc.
  • Body Handling: Tick check, ear/eye check, paw cleaning, and towel drying.
  • Grooming: Baths, nail trims, brushing hair and teeth, ear/eye cleanings, etc.

PRO TIP: FLUFFY DOGS LISTEN UP! Get your dog used to scissors, trimmers, buzzers, etc… and get your pup to the groomer ASAP! 

Preventing Guarding

Teach your dog to not protect their toys, food, and space. Your dog shouldn’t feel threatened by being approached and should be happy to give you whatever they have or allow you to move them away from whatever they’re doing. 

If your dog is showing any signs of aggression, please contact your Zen Dog Trainer. 

Control of the Mouth

Your dog must be taught to relinquish things in their mouth on command. Solutions include, hand feeding, treat games, and positive reinforcement to help your puppy feel safe dropping stuff from their mouth. Go slowly with fun games so that your puppy will feel comfortable trading you or just dropping things they pick up on walks, in the house and yard on command.

Your puppy should relinquish things in their mouth and avoid items you don’t want them to grab. You need to be able to gently grab them by the collar and simultaneously remove things from their mouth. If you need help, let us know!

New Puppy Guide

Once you’ve mastered The 7 Puppy Essential Lessons, you’re on track to ensure your puppy grows up to be a Zen Dog! If you are looking for more guides and training plans for puppies, check out our New Puppy Guide

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