Zen Dog Training

In order to successfully bring a new dog into your home, you must first master these 7 Essential Puppy Training Lessons listed below, with links for more information and explained in detail in our New Puppy Guide

FYI — The How to Have a Zen Dog Podcast covers the 7 Essential Puppy Lessons every dog needs to master (regardless of age) to become a Zen Dog! Give it a listen here on YouTube or find it wherever you listen to podcasts.

House Training

Teaching your dog Where and When to Go to the bathroom is an essential part of successfully bringing a dog into your home. See our Free House Training eBook for all our house training secrets!

Home Alone and Crate Training

Your puppy should learn to relax and be comfortable when left alone in your home or in the crate. Daily practice in the crate, confinement area, and even a tether are important ways to teach your puppy that it is OK to be left alone. Start training right away with our eBooks on preventing and treating separation anxiety, Separation Anxiety eBook we even have an eBook for help on crate training: Crate Train Your dog in 2 days! 

How to Stop Play Biting

With adult dogs and puppies, we teach at least 4 different solutions for play biting! You should know them all and which one works best for your puppy and unique family situation. Tougher cases often require all four methods! Access our Play Biting Solutions in the Puppy Boot Camp ($27)

Socialization to People, Places, and Things

Socialization is the process of domestication. Your dog must learn to feel safe with people and the world around them.  Always bring treats with you when you are walking your puppy, sound jolly, and give treats to your dog as they meet new people, visit places, and get accustomed to their environment. This is especially important with puppies and nervous or skittish dogs.

Socialization to Touch and Other Animals

Socialization exercises should include specific exercises for touch. Your puppy should be OK with the groomer, vet visits, etc; also, when they are sufficiently vaccinated you should make sure they are socialized with other dogs!

Preventing Food Guarding

Puppyhood is the best time to teach your dog to not protect their food or feel threatened being approached while eating or chewing a bone. Our Online Puppy Course includes games and exercises to practice with your puppy that will ensure they learn to be Zen and not protective of food or toys.

Control of the Mouth

Your dog must be taught to relinquish things in their mouth on command. Solutions include, hand feeding, treat games, and positive reinforcement to help your puppy feel safe dropping stuff from their mouth. Go slowly with fun games so that your puppy will feel comfortable trading you or just dropping things they pick up on walks, in the house and yard on command.

Once you’ve mastered these 7 Puppy Essentials you are ready to start obedience training. Learn more about our Group Classes, In Home Training, and Online Learning Solutions at www.ZenDogTraining.net