Neil Simmons

Caring for animals and their welfare is one of Neil’s greatest passions, and it has been for the past twenty years. He believes that learning to understand and communicate with your canine companion is the key to a happy life for both you and your dog.

Neil joined Zen Dog Training in 2016 to make a life around training dogs and teaching dog owners. Neil is confident that the best way to help a dog is to focus on making them the best canine citizen they can be. Neil also helps their owners learn to communicate well with their dogs. These two steps can improve their quality of life greatly. The more “trained” a dog is, the more they understand what people want from them, which leads to a successful dog/human relationship.

Neil discovered Zen Dog training in 2013 to assist with his newly adopted, best friend for life, Reilly. This recently rescued Coonhound/Border Collie mix had come from Arkansas, and it was quickly clear she needed help from her new owners.  Reilly quickly learned how to conquer her extreme separation anxiety and shyness.

Today, most people can’t believe this happy, energetic, and clever dog was once so scared she couldn’t walk down the street without trembling! Working with Zen Dog Training as a client inspired Neil to move on from a career in cancer care technology, to a career that allows him to work with and train dogs himself.

From his work with Zen Dog Training, Neil became fascinated with animal behavior. Neil volunteers at Maple Farm Sanctuary, working with over 100 animals. His two favorite friends are Boo-Boo the cow, who gallops to him for carrots every Friday, and Piggy Smalls, the “teacup” pig who Neil sometimes walks on a harness.

Today Neil is living the dream of training dogs and helping dog owners as a Zen Dog trainer. He is dedicated to finding the best solution that gets successful results while minimizing stress during the process. While not training pups, Neil enjoys travel, the outdoors, and he plays guitar in a band.