Cassie Callaghan

Cassie Callaghan’s love for dogs began when she was a child, with her four-legged friend, a retired German Shorthaired Pointer show dog named Cindy. The two of them developed a special bond and their very own way of communicating. In fact, Cassie learned to walk by holding the stub of Cindy’s tail. Ever since her childhood, Cassie’s main goal in life has been to always provide a dog with a loving home and the best possible life.

This life-long mission encouraged Cassie to study psychology in college and apply what she learned to everything that she did in life. When she worked in retail, managing a clothing store, she took the time to figure out what customers needed, and how to keep her employees happy. The most important lesson she learned was that every person was unique and needed to be approached differently.

Now, a Zen Dog Trainer, that lesson is just as important. It is not only the dogs that need to be understood and taught, but the humans in the house also need to remember the lessons and learn to follow through with training sessions. Cassie’s goal is to help dog owners connect with their pets and deepen the bond together through training. She understands that every dog and every relationship is different, and she is dedicated to helping each client meet their goals.

Cassie is thrilled to be training dogs and working with the people who love them. She is avidly continuing her education and professional development as a dog trainer. When Cassie left behind a successful career in the corporate world, she took the advice, “Do what you love!” She has found a new career in her one true passion, dogs.