Cassie Callaghan

Cassie’s special bond and ability to communicate with dogs helped her realize that she wanted every dog who enters her life to be better understood and live the best possible life they could. Over the years she has lived with dogs of all sizes and breeds, from a small Shih Tzu to multiple gentle giants, English Mastiffs. Cassie currently shares her home with an older Labradoodle and a new addition of a Newfoundland puppy who’s playful antics keep her on her toes.

In addition to helping dogs, Cassie has a life-long mission to help people. This encouraged her to pursue a degree in Psychology, where she studied the science of how human minds work and applied what she learned to everything she does in life. This understanding helped her especially during her 4 years working as a manager at a large dog daycare facility, where she oversaw over 100 dogs a day! 

The most important lesson she learned working with so many dogs and owners each day was that every dog, and every owner, is unique and must be approached differently. Cassie became a Zen Dog Trainer in 2019, and more than ever, that lesson applies to training people and their dogs, because it is not only the dogs that need to be understood and taught, but the humans too. 

Cassie’s positive approach to helping dog owners better understand their dogs and focus on encouraging both people and dogs with consistency and kindness. She has built a reputation of being the kind of trainer who helps people reach their goals by deepening the bond they have with their dogs.

Cassie specializes in working with dogs of all shapes and sizes, and especially enjoys working with families with young children. She loves starting families off on the right path to ensure they build a strong relationship with their pup and emphasizes the importance of compassionate obedience to improve the dog-human relationship.