Elissa Carreras

Elissa Carreras with her puppyA professional facilitator and corporate trainer for over 20 years, Elissa joined Zen Dog Training to integrate her approachable, fun teaching style with her love of dogs. Elissa uses her unique, professional background to help clients develop and carry out their customized training plans so they can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy relationship with a well-mannered dog.

A lifetime dog-enthusiast, Elissa’s experience with dog training began with her first dog at age 18. Two years ago, she decided to add a dog to her already dynamic household with three young children. She fully anticipated the effort and commitment required to train a new puppy: what she didn’t expect was the extra challenges of having to train her husband and kids too!

Adding a dog brought a rich experience to every family member, but with three young children and all the demands on time, there were special concerns that needed to be managed carefully. Though Elissa works with clients to address a broad range of dog behavior challenges and training needs, it was her own family experience that prompted her to specialize in working with families and children.

Elissa earned her BS at Cornell University and her MBA at Boston University. She is an experienced presenter of parent education programs on behalf of The Federation for Children with Special Needs and The Special Education Advocacy Network. She is an approved presenter of The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project and conducts education programs on dog safety and training for family network organizations and local libraries. Elissa lives in Medford with her husband, three children, and her rescue dog, Mingus.