Group Classes

Due to covid-19 we are not offering group classes at this time.

Zen Dog Training classes are unique. Our group class curriculum is SPCA- and vet-recommended and class sizes small, so we can offer more personal attention for you and a unique training plan for your dog. Click Here for Group Classes

Our trainers are experts at teaching Zen Dog Training methods, games, and solutions. We have training plans for shy/timid dogs, overly-excitable puppies, and we understand that some dogs need special help with housetraining, playbiting, or playing with children.

All our puppy classes include lots of playtime in a safe environment so your dog can learn to become more social – while learning to listen to you!

We are currently not offering group classes at this time.

Group classes are six-week programs. Classes meet for once a week for one hour. If you need to miss a week, you can schedule a make-up class with each instructor. To participate in a group classes, you must show proof of vaccination required for distemper, parvovirus and Bordetella. Register for Group Classes