Group Classes

Zen Dog Training Puppy Classes*

Held at Walks n’ Wags Doggie Day Care

9 Franklin Street, Peabody, MA

Walks n’ Wags Doggie Day Care has 1,800 square feet of space including an enclosed outdoor space!

Puppy Classes are a 6-week series of 1-hour classes that meet weekly ($250). For dogs 22 weeks or younger (under 6 months) — Register HERE

Our Puppy Classes include:

  • Lots of Supervised Socialization, Obedience, and Advanced Training topics too!
  • How to Stop Play Biting in just 2-4 days!
  • House Training, Separation Anxiety Prevention, Coming when Called, Heel, Sit/Down/Stay.
  • Leash handling skills and How to Interrupt Unwanted Behaviors.
  • Plus, an entire class dedicated to Loose Leash Walking (How to Stop Pulling on walks).
  • Shy, timid dogs, or dogs with separation anxiety issues get special attention and training plans.

Participants get lifetime access to our Video Solution Center ($97 value) and access to ALL the Zen Dog Training games, solutions, videos, and comic books!

Group classes are a fun way to socialize your puppy and practice hands-on training skills under the supervision of your trainer.

Everything is covered. If your puppy has more serious issues, your trainer will coach you on how to solve them. We specialize in Shy/Timid dogs, House Training, Crate Training, Separation Anxiety, Leash Walking, Solving Play Biting, Jumping up, Demanding Dogs, and training Overly-Excitable Rambunctious Puppies too!

Zen Dog Training group class curriculum is SPCA and vet recommended. Class size is small so we can offer more personal attention for you and a customized training plan for your dog. Click Here for Group Classes

*Proof of COVID vaccinations required for all (human) participants. The American Society of Veterinarians recommends puppy classes for dogs as young as 8 weeks! We recommend your puppy must have their second round of puppy shots (around 11-12 weeks) and be vaccinated for distemper, parvovirus and bordetella.

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