Free Online Puppy Course

“I am born knowing two things – loyalty and love.  You must teach me everything else” – Unknown

At Zen Dog Training, our easy-to-implement methods help you train your puppy and quickly teach new behaviors in a peaceful and Zen way.

Our FREE online puppy course is designed to get you started on the road to training your new puppy the Zen Dog Way!

You will learn how to set your dog up for success with our:

  • New Puppy First Day Guide
  • House Training eBook
  • Separation Anxiety Prevention Tips
  • How to Bond with your Puppy  


“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen” – Orhan Pamuk

We know puppy training can seem overwhelming! Many new dog owners wonder where they should begin.

At Zen Dog Training we know the secret to successfully bringing a new puppy into your home is to master the 7 Essential Puppy Training Lessons:

  • House Training
  • Crate and Home Alone Training (Separation Anxiety Prevention)
  • How To Solve Play Biting
  • Socialization to People, Places and Things
  • Socialization to Touch and Other Animals
  • Preventing Food Guarding
  • Control of the Mouth


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Have fun training!

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