Gordon Fontaine

Gordon fontaine with his dogGordon Fontaine established Zen Dog Training to pursue his passion for helping people create healthier, happier relationships with their dogs. He’s a Certified Dog Trainer with a Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC) from San Francisco SPCA’s Dog Training Academy. Gordon is proud to be one of only 500 graduates of this highly intensive, world-renowned program, where he had the privilege of working alongside some of the best dog trainers in the nation.

When Gordon was only eleven years old, he was given the responsibility of training and caring for the family dog, and he has been training dogs ever since. His early participation in dog training classes impressed upon him the value of professional training methods to support a pet’s quality of life. He learned that professional training methods greatly improve a dog’s relationship with people. Gordon built upon his experience through helping family and friends address their dogs’ unwanted behaviors—whether a new puppy or a long-time companion.

Since founding Zen Dog Training in 2005, Gordon has honed his skills through thousands of sessions with all types of dogs in every possible situation. “I know what works, what doesn’t, and why,” says Gordon. “I won’t try to sell you on the latest dog training fad or gimmick. I just want to improve your relationship and connection with your dog.”

Gordon is a native of south Texas. He moved to Boston to earn his MBA at Boston College, and remained in the area ever since. During the years before Zen Dog Training, he worked in finance and business development in Biotech, and he worked for companies like the Bose Corporation and Lucent Technologies.

In 2001, Gordon began to study Aikido, a Japanese martial art. The physical, mental, and spiritual challenge of Aikido suited Gordon; he is now a 4th degree black belt and a part-time instructor at his local dojo. As he embraced the mind/body philosophy of Aikido, Gordon eventually sought a livelihood more in line with his new life view. Zen Dog Training was born!

Gordon has traveled to Japan, Europe, and South America, and in the process, he acquired a valuable worldly perspective. Everywhere, people and their relationships with dogs are similar. Whether you simply want to “do it right the first time” or need help getting rid of your dog’s bad habits, Gordon has the experience to help, using proven methods and a gentle approach.

“Our goal at Zen Dog Training is to teach people the best ways to communicate with their dogs so they can train with kindness and mutual understanding and see results quickly and humanely.”

Gordon has published several eBooks including: The Zen Method of Raising a Puppy, a guide to raising the perfect puppy! He has also written several eBooks such as How to Treat and Prevent Separation Anxiety and How to Crate Train a Dog in 2 Days. eBooks are available for purchase online.

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