In Home Training

Results that will last a lifetime

Zen Dog training works fast! We incorporate easy-to-learn methods and obedience commands into your dog’s daily routine and in most cases, 2-3 visits are all it takes to meet most clients’ training goals.

Our focus is people training! Often a simple change in the dog/human relationship can be the key to stopping unwanted behaviors.

We focus on you and the people who interact with your dog to create an environment for success as a key component to successful training. Trainers provide step-by-step instructions in easy to share “Games and Solutions” so when teaching new behaviors or interrupting bad ones, everyone in house knows exactly what to do.

Customized Training

Every dog is different and every client has different needs. Training is customized to your dog’s breed, age, personality, and temperament, but also to your goals, learning style, family size, and can include special training goals (agility, therapy dog, off-leash obedience).

Our methods go beyond positive reinforcement.

You will learn how to train your dog by better communicating with them and develop a mutual understanding with your dog to teach rules with less stress and confusion.

We get more done in 2 hours than other trainers do in 2 weeks!

Contact Us for a free 10-minute telephone consultation and get the dog you’ve always wanted!

PUPPY+ Package — $375*

*Due to covid-19 we are not offering group classes at this time*

Our most popular combination package (Save $100!):

Includes: (1) In-Home Visit + 6 week Group Class, Puppy Boot Camp, Comics, and Video Solution Center

Initial Consultation — $225

Initial Behavioral Consultation is a 2-hour everything-you-need-to-know visit. We help you better understand your dog and based on your goals and needs, create a customized training plan designed for your dog’s breed and temperament. You’ll learn the most effective ways to quickly teach obedience, as well as, how to stop behavior problems using our proven methods!

Initial Consultation Includes:

  • 2 Hour Behavior Consultation and Temperament Evaluation
  • Customized Training Plan for your dog and unique situation
  • Handouts / Lessons / Training Games / Zen Dog Training Comic Books
  • Industry’s best fear-free interrupt methods to solve any problem behavior! 
  • Electronic access to all of Zen Dog Training PDF’s
  • Membership to our Video Solution Center ($57 value!)


Follow-up Visit — $150

Follow-up visits typically last 90 minutes. These hands-on sessions reinforce lessons, ensure important details are not missed, and help you find ways to implement training in real world settings.

75 Minute Follow-up Visit$140

1 Hour Follow-up Visit$125

Virtual Session$125 One-Hour Virtual Session

Training Packages

All training packages include:

  • Personalized coaching from a certified Zen Dog Trainer
  • Customized training plan
  • Printed Training Comics, Solutions, and Guides
  • Post visit follow-up lessons
  • Electronic version of all our training Games and Solutions
  • Video Solution Center. Access to client-only online resource that includes over 100 training videos! ($57 Value)


2 Visit Package — $325

Discounted package for newly adopted adult dogs and puppies. Includes (2) Visits: Initial Consultation with a customized training plan and (1) 75-minute follow- up.

Includes: (2) Visits, Training Plan, ZDT Comics & Access to Video Solution Center


Reactive Dog (2 Visit) — $350

Training package for reactive dogs. Includes (2) In-Home Visits from your trainer: Initial Consultation, customized training plan, and (1) Follow-up visit.

Includes: (3) Visits, Training Plan, ZDT Comics & Access to Video Solution Center


3 Visit Package — $450

Includes (3) In-Home Visits from your trainer: Initial Consultation, customized training plan, and (2) Follow-up visits.

Includes: (3) Visits, Training Plan, ZDT Comics & Access to Video Solution Center


3 Visit Package (COVID) — $350

Due to Covid-19 our trainers are offering virtual training and outdoor-only sessions. Includes (1) Virtual Session / Initial Consultation and (2) Follow-up visits OUTDOORS at your home.

Includes: (3) Visits, Custom Training Plan, Training & Access to Video Solution Center


1 Year Program (Ultimate Dog) — $1500

Includes (12) In-Home Visits: The Initial Consultation, customized training plan, and (11) Follow-up visits. This package is perfect for people who know they want extra help training their dog. Monthly visits for an entire year ensure consistency and follow through to make sure you meet and exceed your training goals.

Includes: (12) In-Home Visits, Training Plan & Video Solution Center


In-Home Training (2 Hour Initial Consultation) — $225

Follow-up Visits:

90 Minute — $150

75 Minute  — $140

1 Hour — $125

Note: Night/Weekend appointments are an extra $25 per appointment.


Zen Dog Training can help with: New puppy training, obedience, teaching commands, and solving problem behaviors such as, excessive barking, begging, play biting, jumping-up, leash walking, table surfing, destructive behaviors, chewing, digging and separation anxiety, demand behaviors, house training and more.


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