In Home Training

Results that will last a lifetime!

Zen Dog Training’s easy-to-learn methods often require little homework, as obedience commands are incorporated into your daily routine. Often a simple change in the dog/human relationship can be enough to stop unwanted behaviors.

Creating an environment for success is a key component for any training. Having a trainer in your home ensures the training really fits your dog’s personality as well as your goals. This is especially important with larger families, more difficult dogs or people with special training goals (agility, therapy dog, off-leash obedience).

In home training is customized to your dog’s breed, age, and temperament. You’ll learn how to work with everyone in your home, including visitors, guests, and people too young or otherwise not able to participate.

In most cases, 2-4 In Home visits are all it takes to get your dog trained. Call today for a free 10 minute telephone consultation and start the process of getting the dog you’ve always wanted!

ZEN DOG Training

PUPPY+ — $350

Our most popular combination package (Save $75!):

  • In-Home Training Visit (2 hour visit) + 6 Week Group Class
  • Zen Dog Training: Group Classes
  • Puppy Assessment and Breed Specific behavior tips
  • Customized Puppy Training Plan – access to Video Solution Center
  • Zen Dog Training’s unique System to stop unwanted behavior!

Includes: (1) In-Home Visit + 6 week Group Class & Video Solution Center

Initial Consultation 

Initial Behavioral Consultation is a 2 hour visit. We work together to understand your goals and dog’s needs, and create a customized training plan based on your dog’s breed and temperament. Training plans include the most effective ways to quickly teach obedience, but also, how to stop behavior problems using our proven methods.

Initial Consultation Includes:

  • 2 Hour Behavior Consultation and Temperament Evaluation
  • Customized Training Plan for you and your dog
  • Printed Handouts / Solutions / Games / Zen Dog Training Comic Books
  • Zen Dog Training’s System to interrupt unwanted behaviors!
  • Electronic access to all of Zen Dog Training PDF’s
  • Membership to our Video Solution Center ($57 value!)

*Please schedule at least 2 hours for the initial appointment.

Follow-up Visits

Follow-up visits typically last 90 minutes. These hands-on sessions reinforce lessons and teach you how and when to implement different training options.

Follow-up Visits: Allows for training plans to be modified and improved upon as your dog learns. Includes personal coaching and more advanced training strategies, new techniques, extra time to review and practice important hand-on skills.

Monthly Training Programs

In-Home Training visits include : email follow-ups, customized training plan and handouts, Zen Dog Training comics, and electronic versions of all training PDF’s via the Video Solution Center.

The Video Solution Center is a client-only resource that includes over 100 training videos explaining our Games and Solutions.

1 Month Program — $300

Discounted package for newly adopted adult dogs and puppies*. Includes (2) In-Home Visits:  the Initial Consultation with a customized training plan and (1) Follow- up visit to help you and your new dog get off to a healthy start. Early intervention training not only improves the human-dog bond but also helps prevent many stubborn dog behaviors before they become hard-to-change habits.

*$275 for newly adopted adult dogs and puppies! Includes: (2) In-Home Visits, Training Plan, Access to Video Solution Center


2 Month Program — $399

Includes (3) In-Home Visits from your trainer- Initial Consultation, customized training plan, and (2) Follow-up visits.

Includes: (3) In-Home Visits, Training Plan & Access to Video Solution Center


3 Month Program (ZEN DOG) — $499

Includes (4) In-Home Visits from your trainer- Initial Consultation, customized training plan, and (3) Follow-up visits to ensure training sticks! Knowing your trainer is coming back ensures results by motivating everyone in the household to keep focused on dog training.

Includes: (4) In-Home Visits, Training Plan & Access to Video Solution Center


6 Month Program — $899

Six Month Program. Includes (7) In-Home Visits- The Initial Consultation, customized training plan, and (6) Follow-up visits. This package is great for new dogs, larger families or problem behaviors that require more hands-on training.

Includes: (7) In-Home Visits, Training Plan & Video Solution Center


1 Year Program (Ultimate Dog) — $1399

One Year Program! Includes (12) In-Home Visits- The Initial Consultation, customized training plan, and (11) Follow-up visits. This package is perfect for people who know they want extra help training their dog. Monthly visits for an entire year ensure consistency and follow through to make sure you meet and exceed your training goals.

Includes: (12) In-Home Visits, Training Plan & Video Solution Center

In-Home Training (2 Hour Initial Consultation) — $199

Follow-up Visits — $140

Note: Night/Weekend appointments are an extra $25 per appointment.

Pre-Baby Preparation

Help your furry little family member prepare for a new baby. Lessons are tailored to expectant parents. Learn important obedience skills such as “Leave it!,” “Go to your Bed” and how best to introduce your dog to the new baby. We’ll help you create the right environment for success and help your dog and baby become best buddies!

gift certificates available – please call 617.702.2054


Zen Dog Training can help with: Excessive barking, begging, play biting, jumping-up, table surfing, destructive behaviors, chewing, digging and separation anxiety, demand behaviors, house training, puppy training.