Emily Fleming

Emily Fleming has dedicated her whole life to working with animals.

When she was 7, she started walking neighborhood dogs and became obsessed with her new canine friends.

After college, Emily decided to become a trainer while working at her local animal shelter as a pet adoption counselor. She quickly found a job at a well-respected dog training facility and worked her way from attendant to trainer, ultimately specializing in reactive and fearful dogs.

Since beginning her training career in 2013, Emily has continued to further her education. She has worked extensively with shy, fearful, and reactive dogs, and is a graduate from Karen Pryor’s dog training academy and a big fan of reactive-dog specialist Michael Shikashio.

Emily loves watching dogs learn and the feeling she gets when she is able to rehabilitate “problem dogs” to live happy lives with their owners. Having a reactive dog herself she understands the importance of using the best methods when training and the steps necessary to ensure the happiness and safety of everyone involved.

Emily believes training should be fun for both the dog and the people! Seeing dogs learn and clients smile as they learn positive ways to train is why she’s a Zen Dog Trainer.

Emily graduated from Lesley University with a BS in Biology with a focus in secondary education. With dog training, Emily finds the similarities between teaching people and dog training to be endless.

Outside of work, she spends her free time with her rescue dog, who loves learning new tricks and going on long walks around Fresh Pond.