Puppy Boot Camp


Puppy Boot Camp includes all our puppy training solutions from our (5) Solutions for Play Biting, to Obedience and House Training! Inside the course you’ll discover lesson plans for our 6 Week Puppy Kindergarten, Separation Anxiety Treatment and Prevention eBook, and Zen Dog Training Comics: Helping a Shy/Fearful Dog / Teaching Commands / Play Biting Solutions / Zen Dog Training Secrets.

This simple and effective positive reinforcement training is fear-free and PROVEN to work with every type of dog!




Puppies bite at hands and feet, they nip at kid’s faces, and they attack shoe laces and pant legs. This kind of ‘play biting’ is normal and natural but it has to be stopped! Zen Dog Training’s Play Biting Solution is one of the best in the industry! We’ve put together 4 different training solutions for play biting puppies, that includes: refocusing, or ignoring certain kinds of biting and tougher solutions for stopping serious biters!
When it comes to problem behaviors, having the right tools and equipment is essential. Often, play biting and destructive behaviors stop OVERNIGHT just because clients start using the right management tools. Our program explains exactly what tools and equipment you need to set your puppy up for success!
The course includes both Kid friendly games like “Red Light / Green Light” and adult-only methods like “My Walk” which solves pulling with puppies and adults. With our methods, it’s easy to teach your puppy when it’s OK to sniff and have time to pee/poop, but also, when to walk quickly and follow your lead!
Zen Dog Training clients typically get their puppy completely house trained in 5-7 days!! Our easy-to-follow house training solutions guide you with when to get your dog outside, how to interrupt peeing/pooing in the house, how to create the perfect environment for fast learning. Dogs have a natural instinct to keep their den clean, so our training leverages that pre-programed behavior! Everything you need to solve house training problems are included in the program. (We even have a bonus section called “How to Teach your dog To Go on Command!”)
Separation anxiety training is especially hard for people because it is counter-intuitive!. If you don’t do things right, you can create an overly-dependent, ‘needy’ dog who can’t be left alone! Our course includes lessons and exercises to teach your dog to be calm and confident when left alone. Encouraging independence and healthy behaviors is all part of the program. The course even includes our eBook titled *How to Treat and Prevent Separation Anxiety* (a $4.99 value).