Zen Dog Video Solution Center




We believe the secret to having a well-behaved, confident dog is to focus on training you (the human) with modern methods – that get results!

By watching short 2-5 minute videos, reading our simple solutions and games you’ll learn how to teach your dog through mutual understanding – not force.

In many cases, simply shifting small aspects of the dog/human relationship can be all it takes to get your dog to start listening to you!

Our website includes:

  • Puppy Training – Housetraining, playbiting and more!
  • Manners – How to stop your dog from jumping up
  • Solutions – interrupting problem behaviors
  • Coming when called
  • Separation anxiety – Prevention and Treatment Plans
  • Housetraining – eBook and Training Schedule
  • Solutions for excessive barking
  • Dog-walking videos – learn to walk on a loose leash
  • End demand behaviors – without resorting to harsh punishers