Meet Shubie!

He is a 6 month old Australian Cattle Dog mix who is super smart and very eager to learn but also extra sensitive due to his breed. Shubie is sweet natured and curious but has found adjusting to his new home in the city with all the sights, sounds and new people a bit overwhelming.

At Zen Dog Training we recommend actively socializing your new dog or puppy. Socialization, is very important, you want to teach your dog that even though the outside world can be loud and unpredictable, it’s a happy and fun place he shouldn’t fear.

Where to go for Socialization

The idea is to socialize as much as possible, every day would be ideal, try to expose your puppy to new, non-threatening, positive situations and people.  Take him to new places: friend’s homes, children’s school, soccer games, the hardware store, dry cleaners, the bank…

Let your puppy meet men and women, the elderly and the young, children and babies, people in hats and men with beards.  Don’t forget about cats, birds and other animals, or loud noises or strange noises like a door slamming or a bus rumbling by.  As long as you make sure your dog is safe and has a positive experience you can’t over do it!

Take extra time to bring him to the vet, to the groomer or the kennel.  Once you get there, give him lots of treats for no reason other than getting him used to going to these places.

If your puppy becomes frightened, reassure him calmly and matter-of-factly, then go on. Remember a couple of treats can do wonders in turning around a fearful situation.

Explore and Experience

Allow him to investigate and approach people, place and things at his own pace. However, when on walks, don’t avoid construction work, loud noises, fire trucks etc.  Actively approach them and give him lots of treats to make sure he feels great about seeing new and different things.

Although this process will take some time and effort it is of critical importance! If you socialize your new puppy or dog, you will have a dog who is social, confident and feels safe exploring the world by your side.

For more information on Socialization visit Zen Dog Training Online.