Getting a new dog can be overwhelming at times and I credit my survival to working with Nayiri Krikorian (who reassured me that Penny would be the best dog she could be with a little practice).

I still remember the first time I spoke with Nayiri.  I was in Las Vegas on my first work trip after the arrival of Penny.  While Penny was adorable in every possible way, I was anxious about how I would be able to manage the lil bundle of love and energy.  Speaking with Nayiri was an instant stress relief because it was clear that this was her area of expertise and that she would be able to handle Penny (and me).  Our training sessions only confirmed my initial instincts — Nayiri has mastered the technique of training dogs (and humans).  Her love for dogs is obvious, but her professional manner and focus on what works best for her clients is equally noticeable and important.  She arrived at each session with a plan for the session and maximized the time she had with both Penny and me.  I also really appreciated the fact that she would spend the time at the end of the session reviewing what we had done and talking about what to do going forward. Nayiri’s commitment to training did not end with the session — she was (and still is) available by email and/or visits when she is in Charlestown.

Because we had such fun in the training sessions, we also took Nayiri’s puppy kindergarten class at Durty Harry’s.  Despite four very active and excited puppies in one room, each week Nayiri worked with the group to get the basic pup skills down (and have some play time).  She knew each dog, its owner(s) and the puppy’s strengths and weaknesses and did a great job of working with each dog one-on-one equally among the group.

With every new pup I meet in Charlestown (thank goodness there is a never-ending supply), I recommend Nayiri because she was definitely a life saver for me (and Penny)!

— Alex + Penny the Labradoodle