Jumping and biting kids!

Trainer : Julie Mendelsohn

Julie was great sharing immense and valuable knowledge and the recommendation in the treats. We took your advice today with Pluto — he was awesome afterwards! He has also stopped jumping, it’s amazing how fast he is responding. Abby is so grateful!...

Building confidence with a nervous dog

Trainer : Julie Mendelsohn

Our 1 year old dog was becoming very nervous around new people and resource guarding. We contacted Zen Dog Training and we couldn’t be happier with our decision! Our trainer, Julie, came to our home and was extremely helpful. Julie explained the “why” for our dogs...

Training Bleu the Sheltie

Trainer : Julie Mendelsohn

Julie and her Zen Dog methods have resolved a problem I’ve had with my dog since adopting him 3 years ago. Getting Bleu’s leash on him to go out was a struggle to say the least as Bleu thought a game of chase for 10 minutes was the accepted norm. Being a...