Planning a Trip With Your Dog?

Traveling can be an exciting adventure for you and your dog, but a long car ride with little to no activity can also be stressful for your canine companion! Increasing your dog’s activity before a long trip is a great way to make your trip a bit easier!
Tiredness can really take away from some of the worry your dog may experience during a long car ride.  Remember: A tired dog is a happy dog! Play and physical activity are great ways to exercise your dog’s body and mind before a long trip. The morning before a planned trip, take your dog for a longer play session.

Tips to Keep Your Pup Active on the Road

  • Take him to his favorite park to play fetch
  • Bringing him to play with his friends at a local doggie daycare
  • Take a jog together around the neighborhood
  • Throw around a frisbee for him at the beach
  • Set up a play date with another of your dog’s doggie-friends
  • Play tug-of-war together
  • Run him up and down the stairs!

The point is — amp up your dog’s activity level before a long trip to help him relax. This can be done with any form of play and activity you can think up!

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