Zen Dog Training is about communication, trust, and mutual understanding. Our proven-to-work methods are based on positive-reinforcement and never rely on pain or fear avoidance. Zen Dog Training is focused on encouraging the entire family to participate in fun games and solutions that get results fast!

Beyond Obedience

Zen Dog Training has a unique training method. Since training a dog is inter-species communication, people often find dog training to be counter-intuitive. Our approach takes into account, with training designed around how people learn and remember. Lessons are further customized to the learning style of each person, the breed and personality of each dog, and the family’s unique situation.

Zen Dog Training is a method to solving almost any dog training behavior by teaching people how to understand their dog at a deep level. We understand the success of your dog’s training depends on the people who live with your dog to make clear rules and be consistent. Our specialty, In Home Training helps us work closely with each person to create an easy-to-follow training plan that will quickly change their dog’s behaviors.

How is Zen Dog Training Different

Even people who have trained dogs before are surprised at how simple and effective Zen Dog Training is compared to other dog training methods.

We’ve developed an “Elegant System” for solving problem behaviors using fun to play (but effective) training games and solutions that encourage the entire family to participate. We call these our 5 Universal Principles and can be customized to solve any problem behavior and train any dog.

Training is Focused on You!

As part of the training, we take time to help you better understand your dog. Teaching you how to do the training, what rules are the important (and why!) is more efficient, because in the end success depends on your ability to actually follow-through with training your dog.

Why is Mutual Understanding so Important?

When you learn how to correctly interpret your dog’s responses, their actions, their true motivation, then you can communicate, in a language your dog understands, to encourage good behaviors or gently reducing unwanted behaviors.

Simple and Effective

At Zen Dog Training we believe people need a clear-cohesive philosophy for dog training. Not quick fixes, awkward techniques, clickers, or length scientific explanations…Our “homework” is designed to fit into your lifestyle. To make training part of your daily routine, clients are encouraged to practice a few minutes a day, before mealtimes, during walks, or every time a visitor arrives.

Committed to Your Success

We understand that many families have people who are unwilling or unable to participate. Zen Dog Training includes solutions for busy families so you can better manage tough people or situations. Our management solutions help ensure your success with better participation and fewer mistakes.

Training involves changing the human’s habits as much as your dogs; therefore we recommend an intensive training period of about 5 weeks. During this time you should practice your will Zen Dog Training Games every day. Once your dog understands what you want maintaining obedience is easy!


All of our trainers are full-time dog trainers. To us dog training is not a hobby. Dog training is our passion and full-time profession. We don’t offer dog walking, pet sitting or even pet photography. All we do is train dogs.

We’ve developed over 90 unique training Games & Solutions and over 100 dog training videos. In addition to having access to the most advanced training program in the industry, Zen Dog Trainers must pass a rigorous training program and dedicate themselves to continuously learning and improving.

Contact Us

Please Contact Us if you are interested in learning more about Zen Dog Training. We offer In Home Training and Group Classes in the Boston Area and a Video Solution Center for online learning.