Do you want to be a Dog Trainer?

If you are interested in a rewarding and lucrative career as a dog training professional, then you should consider becoming a Zen Dog Trainer.

At Zen Dog Training, we are looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated, individuals who want to become full-time dog trainers. Trainers who work 30-40 hours a week, can expect to earn between $40,000 – $70,000 a year. In fact, many Zen Dog Trainers have made $25,000 – $30,000 in their first year!

Join our team and learn the most advanced training methods in the industry!

Trainers learn the secrets of Zen Dog Training, a universal-approach to teaching people and their dogs that incorporates positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, interrupting unwanted behaviors, and setting dogs up to learn with repetition. Zen Dog Training works with powerful motivators and counter-intuitive techniques to carefully create training moments. Learn more about Zen Dog Training Methods.

In addition to learning our proven methodology for training owners and their dogs, trainers get everything they need to run their own business. Including the best practices for tracking sales and expenses, and our proven methods for maximizing income while maintaining a healthy work/life balance!


Zen Dog Training incorporates the principal of Zen into training people and their dogs.

Trainers help clients better understand their dogs and develop an awareness of what truly motivates them, to make training a rewarding and joyful process. Success requires follow through and consistency, so the most important part is teaching people to be accountable for their actions and interactions with their dog.

Peacefully interrupting unwanted behaviors is also an essential element. Zen Dog Training’s enlightened methods do not depend on fear, but positive reinforcement and mutual understanding to work.


Once a Zen Dog Trainer graduates from our hands-on training program, we provide help finding new clients, building local awareness, tracking sales and leads, and ensuing you charge the ideal price for your time (on average our trainers earn $350 for visiting a new client 3 times).

Using our efficient approach to running your business means clients and leads are automatically followed up and delivered to you by our front office team, so trainers can spend more time training dogs and less time running their business.

Zen Dog Trainers are highlighted on our website with their own bio page, are encouraged to blog and are promoted on social media. Zen Dog Trainers have exclusive access to all our training plans, comics, games, and solutions.


Zen Dog Training is a rewarding career. Our trainers love working with people and dogs. They get to spend every day meeting new people and helping them better communicate and understand their pets.

It is incredibly rewarding to help a family with their dog and make a life-long impact in the relationship they have with their pet. Seeing a family go from a frustrated relationship with their over-active dog to “We can’t wait to get home and play with Fido” – and knowing you have helped build a lifelong friendship with their pet – is work that makes you feel great every day.


Zen Dog Training provides trainer education with a mentorship program where new trainers study and work directly with me. Trainers learn our unique training system that includes client drills and exercises and training plans for In-Home Visits and Group Classes. Zen Dog Trainers must complete the reading list, learn the training materials, and assist during 25 in-home visits in the Somerville/Cambridge/Boston area.

After each visit trainers show their understanding by summarizes the case with Gordon and develop a training plan to demonstrate their understanding of the solutions, goals, and potential issues.

Training visits are typically two-per-day, so remote trainers can work 1-2 days a week (Fri-Sat for example) and get the visits they need in little as 10 weeks. However, the average time it takes to become a new trainer is 3-4 months.


Becoming a Zen Dog Trainer is not joining a franchise, but you benefit from the positive reputation of our Zen Dog Training brand. Trainers run their own business, and are responsible for setting up appointments and training in clients’ homes. They are paid directly by clients.

Trainers are highlighted on our website with their own profile page, testimonials, and blog posts. Marketing, best approaches for difficult or needy clients, and self-promotion is already taken care of with, business cards, flyers, and brochures designed and customized for each trainer.

Zen Dog Trainers get their own unique territory and are positioned to become the local dog training expert. Trainers get marketing support to help build a reputation as the go-to dog trainer in their area.

Zen Dog Trainers have access to all our print-ready, training comics and plans to leave behind after a visit or use during puppy classes. In addition, all clients get unlimited access to our Video Solution Center with over 100 training video’s that support the Zen Dog Training methods.


Being self-employed has many advantages! You can set your own hours and are entitled to tax deductions when you use your car, cell phone, and computer for your business. We even have a system for helping you track your time, expenses and income so can professionally run your business and keep more of the money you earn.

Zen Dog Training supports a healthy work/life balance. We are proud to have been recognized by the City of Somerville with the Best Places to Work Award in 2018!

Having the support of the organization takes the stress out working for yourself, trainers get to set their own hours, take time off when they need it, and know while they are away, inquires and clients will be promptly responded to by the team.


Please email us at with your name, address, phone number and a few paragraphs about why you are interested in becoming a Zen Dog Trainer.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!