Our 1 year old dog was becoming very nervous around new people and resource guarding. We contacted Zen Dog Training and we couldn’t be happier with our decision!

Our trainer, Julie, came to our home and was extremely helpful. Julie explained the “why” for our dogs behaviors and “how” we could change our actions to help her. She made us feel comfortable and confident with next steps.

We noticed changes almost instantly. Julie gave us specific things we could do right away that didn’t feel overwhelming. Most importantly to me, she made me fee like I knew what to do when my dog did x.

She even called me to give me some guidance when I had a concern I needed some help with in between visits. (She came to our home twice). Friends, family and our dog walker have noticed and mentioned changes in her behavior!

Our only regret is not starting sooner. Thank you so much Julie & Zen Dog Training!

— Julianne  Winthrop 1/5/2020