I never knew dog training could be so much fun!

We recently adopted our very first puppy, a 10 week old Boston Terrier, and our vet recommended Zen Dog. I wasn’t sure what to expect for an in-home training session, but it was really the right decision for us.

Gordon came to do the in-home training visit about a week ago and trained *us* on how to communicate with our puppy and walked us through some excellent training techniques. He really could not have made the whole experience more fun or the training any easier!

Gordon has distilled his philosophy and the science of dog training into fun games to play with your dog and comic books to remember the main topics!

There’s even a free PDF online explaining the basics of potty training. The handout had a bullet point list of the signals when a puppy needs to be taken out…. which had taken me TWO WEEKS to figure out! I only wish we had spoken with them sooner.

I really cannot recommend them enough. We feel so much more confident and able to train our puppy and are so grateful for the effort that Gordon and Zen Dog put into their training! I’m finally not covered in band-aids from all the play biting 🙂

Heather H. 11/26/2019