We worked with Neil from Zen Dog Training and cannot say enough good things about him!! He’s come over to our house for two 90-minute training sessions over the past couple months and has worked wonders with our rescue dog. All the training tips he’s given us have been extremely effective and the underlying philosophy/dog psychology really makes sense to us. What has been most incredible is how available he has been to answer additional questions over email or a brief phone call in between sessions. Neil has really gone above and beyond for us, willing to take time out of his busy day to answer our questions on new behavior that our dog exhibits and implementing training tools he’s shown us. If it were possible to give him 1,000 stars I would. If you are having some frustrations with your dog, I highly recommend reaching out to Neil. He has not only given us great tools but has made me feel far less stressed and more able to understand my dog’s often vexing behavior. I felt hopeless about some of our dog’s crazy behavior and Neil helped me see that it was possible to improve and change that behavior.
Thank you!