We used Zen Dog Training within the first few weeks of getting our Boston Terrier puppy. We were so happy with the results!

Boston Terriers are known for being tough to train, but Gordon gave us really helpful techniques that were easy to implement (which was great for some overwhelmed new dog parents). In that initial appointment, he also put us at ease and made us feel empowered to keep training. The homework and games he taught us made that easy since they are fun and easy to remember.

We couldn’t make it to the group training classes, but we were really happy with the 1:1 session followed by many emails with training specifics and then a follow up appointment months later. We were diligent about his “always be training” technique. The second session was really helpful to take some of the initial games to the next level and move on to more advanced moves.

Finally, we were having some strange behavior at daycare that we had trouble replicating at home to try and address the problem. Gordon went above and beyond to help our puppy and we were able to address the problem.

We are really pleased with our dog’s behavior and how well trained she is and it’s thanks to Gordon. We highly recommend to any new pet parents.