My partner surprised me with our puppy Kona for my birthday… which was great because I always wanted a puppy but not so great because I wasn’t prepared for the amount a work it would take to train her!  Playbiting, jumping, pulling on the leash, chewing…  you name it, Kona did it.

Enter Nayiri from Zen Dog Training!

As soon as Nayiri came in, Kona tried to jump all over her but Nayiri started her training “magic” right away, discouraging Kona from jumping while explaining exactly what it was that she was doing.  Soon she had Kona sitting instead of jumping all over the place, and she was able to keep Kona under control during the entire visit.  Nayiri spent two hours with us, listening to what we wanted to work on with Kona and prioritizing our needs.  She was really patient with all of our questions, and gave us really clear and easy to understand instructions.  She even left us with a bunch of training material (that she and another trainer wrote themselves!) so we would have written directions on how to keep up with Kona’s training in between visits with Nayiri.

We’ve seen such a difference in Kona’s behavior since working with Nayiri.  We know she has a way to go, but we’re confident that if we stick with our new Zen Dog Training plan Kona is going to grow up to be a really well-behaved dog.  And we know that if we have any questions, Nayiri is really easy to get a hold of!

—Michelle + Kona the mixed breed