It was so great having you over for a training session with Lola. Your techniques are useful, effective, and to the point. You’ve decoded the language of dogs and simplified it for everyday use! I’m impressed with your ability and gift.

I think the most important part to training is having the owner feel comfortable and wholeheartedly believe in what they are being taught because that is what gives them the confidence to convey that message to their dog.

You have helped me achieve that with Lola and I can already see an improvement. The crate and tethering techniques you’ve taught me have really set in with her.

On the topic of socializing our puppy, I took Lola to the Boston Public Garden and we randomly came across a pig. His name was Bobby and he was domesticated….came when called, waited for a treat, even sleeps in the same bed as the owner.

Maybe he can be your next client!

– Stephanie and Lola the Golden Retriever