I just wanted to tell you some great news – Duncan is amazing – he’s a totally different dog!

He doesn’t bark at me. He’s really mellow in the kitchen and when we are hanging out. He’s not chasing Brady at all! (Brady is her 3 year old son) Not one bit! Not a nip. He’s so gentle. He sat on his lap. No biting. No nipping. No chasing!

And what did I do? I did the things you said. I did it two times and that’s it! He’s never touched Brady again. It’s a miracle! He’s so calm, he’s so happy, he’s so loveable!

And I’m just amazed. I’m amazed! So I just wanted to thank you so much! It’s been really great, and I’m definitely going to need you to come back again soon.”

—Laura, Belmont, MA
Duncan, 9-week old Chocolate Lab