We had a great experience with Gordon’s puppy class in Arlington! He’s so knowledgeable and patient, and he balances the class so that the puppies get to practice their training, but also get to play and socialize while Gordon watches. The socialization aspect is huge – Gordon will help explain the behavior you’re seeing and will show you when you need to step in and how to break up any play that’s getting too rough. We also learned so many training tips that we have also been able to use with our older dog (2 years old), and we’ve seen improvements even with her! I wish we’d known about Zen Dog Training when we got our first dog – we went to a place in Belmont for her training classes, and they were forceful and really freaked our dog out, whereas Gordon and his team use positive reinforcement, and we could really see the difference it made for our new puppy. We absolutely recommend his classes!