If I could give 6 stars I would.

My wife and I just completed the 6 session puppy class with Neil and it was fantastic. The main draw for the classes is the socialization with other young pups, but we still learned plenty from Neil that wasn’t covered in our one session with Gordon. It also helps that you can ask an experienced professional as many questions as you’d like over the period of 6 weeks.

Our adopted rescue is a quick learner and picked up on the obedience/potty training methods really quickly, but where the money was REALLY worth it, came when our little guy started growling out of the blue. If he was scared, uncomfortable, or just being moody at home, he could growl or even snarl at us. Both Neil and Gordon were available over phone/email for all our questions and they showed us priceless techniques that fixed that behavior almost immediately. Our little guy now knows the rules and has become great with strangers, children, and other dogs.

I honestly think this training is priceless and has saved us from significant stress and pain that can come with adopting a puppy, especially a rescue that may have had bad experiences.

Thank you Zen Dog!