We did the six week Puppy Kindergarten and in-home visit with Nayiri. She was great with our labradoodle pup Watson. He responded very well to her training and her style of teaching. She was able to help us address behavioral issues like biting and barking immediately. She is also great with people, which was important for my husband and I since this is our first puppy. She was extremely patient in listening to our concerns and coming up with a solution for us. Nayiri also explained how puppies learn and why this kind of positive training works for dogs.

Puppy Kindergarten is a fantastic socialization tool for puppies. Meeting new puppies in a controlled environment made a huge difference in Watson’s manners in public. It also provided great socialization to other people as well.

I can’t say enough positive things about this program. Zen Dog Training is incredible and totally worth every penny!

— Kelsi, Brian + Watson the labradoodle