Rachel, I have to tell you that with each walk the pulling diminished and now it’s not even happening.  Stress free walking.  It’s like night and day.

He’s barely, and I mean barely, reacting to [his former dog daycare]. He is now way more interested in me and what I might have as reward for being calm.  Again, stress free.

We’ve been doing his Sit and Down Stays and he’s a total rock star.

I am doing the Leash Interrupting when necessary, and it’s working really well when encountering people with dogs.  Sometimes when I put my foot on the leash, and he’s calm, he’s getting a bunch of treats.  I am talking to the other person with my hand down, if he’s calm.  Trying to make it a non-big deal.  Again, it is working!

Anyway, I am so happy you entered out life. Woody is definitely our little baby, and you’ve helped us tremendously.

~ Jill & Woody