I’ve taken Moxie out on several walks since you left and instead of dreading the sight of another dog, I’ve been excited to see one approaching. I do yoga breath and jolly talk and turn her back to look at me and, lo and behold, she barked once or twice and then just kept walking.

With my increased confidence, I went to the Danehy Dog Park this morning where there were 10-15 dogs of all sizes. Moxie didn’t bark at all, even while she was still on the leash waiting to get in the park. She didn’t really want to play with the other dogs, but when they approached her she wasn’t intimidated and was even a little interested in sniffing and going around in circles. No aggression at all!

It’s really clear that I’m the one who needed the training!  Moxie seems to just be waiting for the guidance. I really appreciate how you present things in a way that makes sense and is easy to grasp. And the handouts are great. I know this is a process, but seeing some concrete changes so quickly is such a confidence boost that we can actually do this!

— Tina from Cambridge
Moxie, two-year-old wheaton-doodle