As a nervous first-time dog owner, I have been continuously comforted by the support from Zen Dog. I have been working with Neil, both with an in-home consultation, as well as puppy class.

Neil is straight forward, yet gentle with the dogs. He is also practical and doesn’t expect perfection from a puppy or owner. But I think the most helpful piece is Neil’s first-hand experience working with his own dog with separation anxiety – his experience makes his support and advice that much more substantial and empathetic. He has even been available via text for advice here and there! I feel like I am not doing this alone.

Zen Dog has a very specific training model, one that emphasizes positive reinforcement, praise, and the relationship with the owner. They stick to these standards throughout. I would recommend them to anyone looking for support in training their dog, in whatever capacity.

Thank you, Neil!

Jennifer S. Watertown 11/1/2018