Zen Dog has been great to work with as we train our Golden Doodle, Jack. Jack is a smart and energetic 1.5 year old who was always pulling on the leash and overly excited and jumpy meeting new people when we first adopted him.

Working with Gordon, we’ve learned a ton of fun games that teach Jack good behaviors and that he really wants to “win”. We’ve also learned to successfully interrupt unwanted behaviors. Jack’s manners on the leash have improved so much in working with Zen Dog and we’re seeing an improvement in his manners and listening skills, too.

Zen Dog has given us a lot of tools and confidence to keep up with our training, including all the great resources provided during training and on their website. They go above and beyond in supporting their clients and Gordon is just a genuinely nice person who clearly loves dogs and loves what he does.

An awesome choice for anyone looking for a trainer!

Christine L. Boston 11/13/2019