I recently adopted a dog who is the sweetest little lady…and totally in need of support and training. Emily, our Zen Dog trainer TOTALLY came through for the win.

We had two online sessions. During both, Emily was funny, talked about herself and her own adorable dog, and provided clear guidance, ideas and modeling for things I could work on with my dog in between sessions.

Today, we had an outdoor session with Emily. From the get-go, her love of dogs came through. She was so present and showed so much care and attention to my furry friend. She was patient with me as I struggled to hold boundaries for my dog, and continued to offer encouragement, feedback, and kind words. She is flexible, persistent, and knows what she is doing. I am a long time educator (middle school and high school) and it was SO NICE to work with someone who really approaches her work as a teacher. BIG shout out to Emily!

I would highly, highly recommend working with her if you and your pup are in need of some training and support!!!

–Blaine Y. Cambridge 7/27/2020