Thank you so much! Emily was fantastic to work with, and could not recommend more highly.

We found Zen Dog during quarantine with our 11-week old puppy, beginning with training by Zoom (knowing that there would later be a safe yard visit if we all felt comfortable). Our dog had developed some bad habits, which got worse as we worked harder to address them. After a couple sessions with Emily, our dog could not be better behaved, and the behavior has continued to be great for months after. We couldn’t be happier!

Some notes for those curious:

-Emily was available whenever we needed to answer questions, watch our technique on video, or hop on a call. It was so helpful having access to someone between sessions, and even since we finished our training

-It became very clear to us what changes we needed to make, and what fundamentals we had to instill in order to make those successful. Emily outlined it very well

-Given all of the information about training on the internet, it was very helpful to have one set of rules to work with

-The first session felt like repetition of the reading material, and it became very clear later why it was so important to start this way.

-I’m sure that it’s more effective doing this entirely in person, but we had a great experience doing this mostly virtually

–Seth B. 6/29/20